AirCity is a locative media project applied in the digital public space.
The system enables the user to navigate (by using a mobile phone) within the physical space
so as to activate sound locations which recount cities’ intangible realities.

drawing tool + sound remix

sound landscape

AirCity is an installation involving the use of physical space, mobile devices (Android and / or iPhone),
wireless networking, mapping and sound, all articulated through PureData.
The proposal explores the possibility of activating the “invisible space” of a physical location,
from a social, political and aesthetic approach. The installation is a system by means of which
the audience can activate different areas of sound while exploring the location.

AirCity versions:

The AirCity: Words is based on words and sounds, so when the audience detects a word in the space
the word in question is reproduced which, in turn, results in the creation of full sentences.

AirCity: São Paulo
September 2011: São Paolo, Brasil
environment mapping and navigation at the Bon Retiro Neighborhood through a map of stone sculpture.
in collaboration with Josep Cerdà: sculpture + sound landscape and UNESP-GIIP, Septiembre 2011.
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AirCity: JazzCava (NitsDigitals, electronic arts festival)
November 2011: Vic, Catalonia
JazzCava soundscape mapping and navigation within the site architecture.

photos by Núria Antentas© + media